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Geneva Productions

At Geneva Productions we thrive on creating memorable meetings and events that work.  We partner with clients to help them navigate the ever-changing landscape of today’s technologies and cutting edge trends.

With over 40 years’ experience in events, entertainment and business theater, our goal is to make you a star.  By providing solutions to guarantee your meeting is a success, we manage all facets for you. 

We help you find the correct site, negotiate contacts, develop your budget, locate your speakers & entertainment, produce the stage, sound, A/V and lighting, and stage manage a show that will delight your attendees, surpass your expectations and make you look terrific!

Our  specialties include: scenery fabrication and installation, custom prop and set construction, television and film set fabrication and installation, meeting management and show production and talent contracting and rider negotiation.

Our commitment to craft and our work ethic have facilitated our growth.  We are known for our integrity and ability to deliver a superior product on time and on budget, with no surprises and always on the lookout for risks on your behalf.

Our most valuable asset is our team! Our team shares our philosophy that the show must go on!  Our managers ensure the quality of each and every project and our teams understand that the success of the project depends on their ability, experience, skills and good attitude.

Bring us an idea at anytime and let us help you create your vision and produce your project on time and on budget. Our job is to advise you on the best solutions for the challenges that appear during the entire process from concept through strike!

Give us a call 407-257-6626 or email to discuss your next project.



Scenery Fabrication
and Installation

Custom Prop and
Set Construction

Television and Film Set Fabrication and Installation

Meeting Management

Show Production

Talent Contracting

Rider Negotiation

Negotiate Contacts,
Develop your Budget

Locate Speakers
& Entertainment

Produce Stage,
Sound, A/V and Lighting,

Stage Manage

Risk Management